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Being a mentor comes along with a lot of responsibilities, the responsibility to lead the team efficiently, the responsibility to take care of the growth of every individual in the team, the responsibility to achieve desired goals for the organization, the responsibility for personal growth and responsibility of organization growth.

Here are some of the essential skills a mentor needs to have:

Clarity on the role he wants to play for the team
A mentor needs to determine the primary role he needs to play with the team. Does he want to provide psychological support to the team and give independence in issues concerning the work sphere or does he want to focus only on career-related issues or does he want to be a combination of both roles? The answer to this will determine how he will deal with the team members.

Listening is an important skill for leaders
There have been enough studies done that have essentially highlighted the concern that the leaders do not listen to their employees. To achieve the desired results it is thus significant that leaders carefully listen to their employees and also provide them valuable feedback otherwise they would be rejected by the team.

A mentor should not always be ‘I’ person
A mentor should not always be ‘I’ person. He should not always talk about his achievements’, goals, experiences rather the focus should always be on the team members. He should be open to asking everyone’s feedback and experience whenever it is possible.

Building confidence and trust
You must be able to build confidence in every individual of the team. Always motivate them by celebrating their short success. Introduce them to higher authorities in meetings; give them a chance to expose themselves in front of others. This will help to build trust in you.

Thus, not everyone can be a good mentor. It needs skills to lead a team and set an example in front of others and these skills can surely help to achieve the desired results.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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